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How a Bail Bonding Agent in Tyler TX Levels the Field for Lower-Income Defendants

A bail Bonding Agent in Tyler TX can be essential for men and women who cannot afford to pay the court cash bail. The debate about the unfairness of cash bail is well-known in the justice system and among human rights advocates. Wealthier people can pay bail and regain freedom, while poorer men and women cannot. However, many low-income defendants can afford to pay for a surety bond service, which allows for their release.

Interference With Due Process

Organizations ranging from the American Civil Liberties Union to the American Bar Association support either eliminating or greatly limiting the use of cash bail by the court system. It is finally being widely recognized that cash bail interferes with due process, or the fair treatment of U.S. citizens in the judicial system. Citizens are entitled to fair treatment, but the requirement of bail makes the field very unbalanced. The presence of a bail Bonding Agent in Tyler TX helps to a certain extent.

Other Possibilities

One possibility is to develop government-sponsored pretrial supervision programs throughout the nation. The main problem is the great expense, which would have to be paid by taxpayers. Another is to eliminate cash bail and not have supervision. Jurisdictions that have tested this method have been surprised to find that a very high percentage of defendants appear at all their court dates as scheduled.

In the no-bail system, certain defendants would still be detained before trial. Those would include defendants charged with the most serious felonies and those with a prior criminal history indicating they pose a distinct possibility of being arrested again before trial. In addition, defendants who are viewed as a probable flight risk would also be detained.

Nonviolent Crimes and Detainment

In particular, reform advocates want to see cash bail eliminated or limited for nonviolent crimes. Possession of illegal drugs for personal use, for example, is a very common offense that can land people in jail for weeks before their case comes up on the trial docket. For now, they have the option of doing business with an agency such as Strike Three Bonds, represented at the website Sitename. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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