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When a Bail Surety Bond in Des Moines, IA Might Be Required for a Charge of Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct in Iowa, as in other states, is usually considered a relatively minor criminal offense. It typically is classified as a lower-level misdemeanor, such as a class C or class B misdemeanor. The person might spend a night in jail and will probably have to pay a fine. In more serious cases of disorderly conduct, however, a surety bond in Des Moines, IA may be required. The person has been arrested and brought to jail, and will not be released until cash bail or a bond is posted.

About Disorderly Conduct

What exactly is disorderly conduct? Sometimes called disturbing the peace, this misdemeanor is characterized by behavior that is significantly offensive or bothersome to other people. Having a loud argument on a residential street and using obscene language is an example, especially late at night. Intentionally blocking a commercial driveway with a vehicle to stop someone from leaving is another example.

Iowa also has a related offense known as public intoxication. In many other states, this is referred to as drunk and disorderly conduct.

When Disorderly Conduct Becomes a Felony

Disorderly conduct can, in some instances, be considered a felony in Iowa. In those cases, the person may need a surety bond in Des Moines, IA posted in order to be released from jail. An example would be a third arrest for disorderly conduct at a funeral or memorial service. This is a low-level felony, but a felony nonetheless.

This misdemeanor offense usually leads to bail being required when combined with another charge. A heated public argument can result in one person assaulting the other, for example. Even an assault charge can be a misdemeanor if the act did not cause a serious injury. However, if the person intentionally or accidentally caused a serious injury during an assault, that charge is now a felony.

An officer might arrest someone for disorderly conduct and then discover this person is carrying an illegal substance like cocaine or methamphetamine. Now a drug charge is added. These are more serious offenses under Iowa state laws. The defendant may need help from a bail bonds agency such as A Bail Co. Bill & Travis Rothmeyer.

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