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24-Hour Bail Bonding in Georgetown, TX Is Available for an Autistic Defendant

When the immediate family members of an autistic person get a call that this individual has been arrested, they may feel frantic about posting bail as soon as possible. For many families, paying cash bail is not an option, so they need services for 24-hour bail bonding in Georgetown, TX.

Specific Issues

Most people feel scared about being arrested and taken to jail, but an autistic person may not be able to handle this at all. This person is also unlikely to receive any specialized attention in a jail cell. If they are unable to control the emotional reaction, being moved to a separate part of the facility may be the only option.

The family should make sure a lawyer is present during any questioning by law enforcement. People on the spectrum can be highly susceptible to making false admissions of guilt because they are so frightened. The defendant may have already refused the help of a public defender, not understanding what that government employee’s role is.

Mental health advocates are strongly urging for policy changes that would help the judicial system better manage not only autistic defendants but those with other mental health issues as well. Detention centers can be dangerous places for these individuals, who may be tempted to do serious self-harm in this environment. Fortunately for these defendants and their families, bail bonding services are always open and can post a bond quickly once the application is approved and a down payment on the service fee has been made.

Contacting a Bail Bonds Service

Contacting a service that provides 24-hour bail bonding in Georgetown, TX even before a judge sets bail. Completing the application ahead of time will help streamline the process.

The sooner the family can pick up their loved one and bring them home, the better able they will be to keep their family member safe and feeling calm. They can get started on legal defense rapidly, either with the public defender or a private lawyer. Anyone in need of a bail bond can visit here to get started.

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