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A Product Liability Lawyer in Macon, GA Knows What Might Go Wrong with Products

A product liability lawyer in Macon, GA handles cases that could easily surprise some people. When a consumer buys a product, the last thing they think will happen is an injury. Unfortunately, injuries caused by products happen far too frequently. Understanding how injuries happen allows consumers to better protect themselves.

Defective Products

A person might have to visit Edwards & Bullard Law for a consultation after being injured by a defective product. If something doesn’t seem quite right with a product, that person shouldn’t hesitate to return it. Defective electronics can actually start fires that cost lives. Automobiles are sometimes recalled because of defective components. Anyone who needs help with an injury should consult a product liability lawyer in Macon, GA for advice.


There are some products that are choking hazards. Unfortunately, a company might not realize that their product could cause choking when they release it. It takes choking accidents to actually happen for the problem to be brought to light. In a lot of cases, choking happens with children and toys. Parents should check toys for small pieces that might break off and become choking hazards. Parents should also pay attention to the age recommendations on toys. Toddlers are more likely to put toys in their mouths.

Other Problems

There are some other issues that products might have. Food items sometimes are mislabeled. A person with a bad food allergy could end up eating something they are allergic to because a food product didn’t have all the ingredients listed. Consumers have to be careful about the products they choose to buy. Buying low-quality products is always a risk. For example, people looking for bargains buy low-quality shoes that might fail during certain athletic activities. When a shoe gives out, the person who is wearing it can get injured.

Consumers put a certain amount of trust in the products that they purchase, and when those products do cause an injury, the person might not realize they can take action. A lawyer should be consulted as soon as possible. There are statutes that limit the amount of time people have to take legal action.

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