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If an Accident Caused You or a Loved One Personality Changes, Contact a Brain Damage Lawyer in Norwich, CT

A brain damage lawyer in Norwich, CT knows that clients should receive financial compensation not only for medical bills and lost wages but for the intangible aspects that are so important in life but can be lost after a serious accident. When a husband or wife suffers a traumatic brain injury, this can cause personality changes, impaired judgment and cognition, and other problems that undermine the relationship.

Effects on the Marriage

After a traumatic brain injury that has lasting negative effects, the marriage may no longer be rewarding for one or the other partner, or both. The injured person may no longer have any desire for an intimate relationship. Maybe their memory is impaired to a significant degree. Personality changes can lead to the two not loving each other anymore. A brain damage lawyer in Norwich, CT can include this undermining of the marriage in the claim to demand compensation.

Dealing with Insurers

The spouse may be the one who is handling the situation and, at first, trying to deal with the insurance company. It soon becomes obvious that the adjusters do not want to acknowledge the situation is as bad as it is. They may suggest that the marriage was already in trouble before the accident. Hiring a lawyer such as Stephen M. Reck is crucial in order to make sure reasonable compensation is obtained.

Proving Fault

The lawyer may also be better able to prove fault if the insurance company is arguing about its liability. In civil cases, the plaintiff has the burden of proof. A legal team has the resources to gather evidence and to research prior case history for relevant information. This is quite complicated to do, especially for someone who has been seriously injured or is taking care of an injured person.

The Worst That Ever Happens

Aside from losing a loved one in a fatal incident, this kind of circumstance can be the worst that ever happens to a married couple. The person who has been injured is no longer the same, and neither spouse knows where the marriage goes from here. Victims can visit to find the assistance of an attorney so they can at least begin to put their lives back together financially.

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