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The Difference an Attorney in Rockwall, TX, Can Make

There are many things about the legal system that the average person knows nothing about. Procedures, timelines, charges, rights, options, and officer training, are just a few things that can alter the course of an arrest, or a case. The representation of an attorney in Rockwell, TX, from the very beginning of an arrest situation can make a big difference in the outcome of the incident. Immediate advice, for example, can let people know how to proceed with officers while the attorney is in route to the jail.

Remaining calm and respectful, while refusing to answer questions until the attorney arrives, is acceptable behavior that will not escalate tension. That is much easier for the accused to accomplish once the fear, confusion, and stress have been eliminated by the attorney representation. It will also help any defense, should the case go to court. An experienced attorney in Rockwall, TX, such as the Law Offices of Tim Hartley, may be able to get charges dropped to lesser offenses, or dismissed altogether, based on actions taken at the scene.

Officers are trained to look for certain behaviors in drivers, for example, to determine if an arrest for driving while intoxicated (DWI) is appropriate. Swerving in traffic, turning without signaling, driving 10 miles under the speed limit, slurred speech, and a sloppy appearance are some of those behaviors. Those same behaviors can also be exhibited by people who are tired, unsure of the location of their final destination, those who are experiencing low blood sugar, people driving an unfamiliar vehicle, or someone experiencing pain or symptoms of a heart attack. An attorney knows about officer training, and may be able to get a charge dropped to reckless driving, or obstructing a roadway. In the event of a medical condition, charges may be dismissed entirely.

Many attorneys offer free initial consultations or work on contingency fees. Others offer affordable rates and can arrange for flexible payment plans. Most DWI cases, for instance, are handled for a flat fee with no down payment required. People can visit this website for detailed information regarding payments. Financial worries should not be the reason that an accused person chooses to forgo professional representation that can make a lasting impact on the future.

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