Tips for Proving Liability With an Accident Attorney in Greenbelt

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Lawyers

A motor vehicle collision is likely to happen at least once in a person’s life. Sadly, most people are too in shock to take the steps they must take after an accident. This frequently leads to a person finding it difficult to prove liability for their collision. With the help of an Accident Attorney in Greenbelt, an accident victim can find it easier to pursue a liability claim because they will have a strong level of proof to ensure they are able to receive fair compensation.

It is always prudent for a person to keep a notepad and pencil in their vehicle with them at all times. If a collision occurs, the victim should write down these crucial pieces of information:

• Full name of the other driver

• Accurate contact information

• Name and policy number of the other driver’s insurance carrier

• Vehicle makes, model, and color

If the other driver is unwilling to share this information, the police should be called. Anytime serious injuries or damages have occurred, an accident victim should plan on calling the police so a report can be filed. Police reports can often prove helpful in pursuing a claim, whether with the insurance company or in court.

It can also be helpful for a person to take note of any cameras that are located in the area. Many attorneys recommend accident victims make a sketch of the scene of the accident and the position of both vehicles. This should include all traffic signs and lights.

Before leaving the scene of the accident, victims should ask for information from any eyewitnesses. These people are especially helpful if an accident victim ends up needing to pursue a case in trial. An Accident Attorney in Greenbelt can use the information these eyewitnesses provide to help compile a case.

Using these tips and hiring an Accident Attorney in Greenbelt will make the process of pursuing an injury claim much easier. Should you need help with proving liability in your collision case, contact the Jaklitsch Law Group for your appointment. They will help you gather evidence so you can receive the fair compensation you are entitled to.

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