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Head injuries are often severe, especially if they affect other functions of the body. They commonly occur in conjunction with brain, shoulder and neck injuries. These injuries can arise for a variety of reasons, and injury claims can involve loss of consciousness, pain, concussion, loss of memory and diminished motor coordination.

Symptoms of Head Injury

Some victims do not realize they’ve sustained a Head Injury in Allentown PA because the symptoms can be difficult to detect. Common head injury symptoms include:

  • Difficulty with short-term memory

  • Unusual tiredness

  • Crippling headaches

  • Numbness in certain body parts

  • Nausea and vomiting

Legal Theories Used in Head Injury Claims

Head injury suits are based on multiple legal theories depending on the facts of the case. Some of the most commonly used legal theories include:

  • Negligence. If either party fails in their duty exercise reasonable care, they can be held liable for resulting head injuries.

  • Auto accidents: Crashes frequently result in head injuries, especially if a motorcyclist is involved.

  • Slip-and-fall: An accidental fall can sometimes cause neck and head injuries. A business owner may be liable if they failed to maintain the premises in a safe manner.

  • Product liability: Protective headgear may cause injury if it reaches a user in defective condition.

  • Criminal acts: A defendant’s intentional acts may bring legal liability. Punitive damages may be given if the offense was done with malice.

Causation for a Head Injury in Allentown PA can be difficult to prove. The plaintiff must prove the defendant’s actions caused their injuries, and this may be proven with medical testimony, photos and statements from witnesses.

Legal Remedies in Head Injury Cases

Most injury claims result in the award of monetary damages. Compensation allows the victim to recover from losses associated with the injury. Victims may recover for medical bills, pain and suffering and lost income. In limited circumstances, judges may give punitive damages to punish a defendant and keep them from engaging in similar behavior later on.

Hiring an Attorney for a Head Injury

If a person sustains a head injury they may be able to make a monetary recovery for their losses. In these cases, you could look here to hire a personal injury lawyer to get help in filing a claim. Head injury laws can be complex, but an attorney can explain the law as it pertains to the case.

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