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You Need An Experienced Child Molestation Lawyer In Scottsdale, AZ After An Arrest

A conviction for a sex crime can change an individual’s life forever if they’re sentenced to a lengthy prison term or have to register as a sex offender wherever they live. When an individual has been charged with any type of sexual assault of a minor crime, they should immediately contact a Child Molestation Lawyer in Scottsdale AZ. If an individual hasn’t been arrested, but the police want to ask questions, it’s important to remain quiet and ask for an attorney. Nothing about the case should be discussed with friends, family, or cellmates.

What Type Of Sex Crimes Can An Attorney Defend Against?

A Child Molestation Lawyer in Scottsdale AZ can defend an individual against charges for:

*    Molestation of a Child


Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

Indecent Exposure

Sex Trafficking


Child Prostitution

Furnishing Harmful Items to a Minor

And many others.

What’s The Importance Of An Experienced Lawyer?

Not every criminal attorney has experience representing an individual against sex crime charges. An individual should ask the attorney about their experience with the charge they’ve specifically been arrested for. Failing to hire an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to fight a criminal sex charge could result in a very poor and even catastrophic outcome.

Stiff Penalties For A Conviction Of A Sex Crime

An individual convicted of a crime with a child under the age of 12 could be sentenced to life in prison. Bail or bond might not be permitted if the minor was under the age of 15. There is a minimum prison term of ten years for each picture an individual possesses of child pornography.

Protection From An Investigation

When someone receives a telephone call from an individual who wants to discuss the case or claims, do not say anything to them and hang up. If the police want to perform a search of a home, do not consent to them entering.

It’s important never to discuss your case with anyone other than an experienced sex crime defense lawyer. A strong defense lawyer is important to your future. For more information about a criminal lawyer with more than twenty years of experience, please Click here.

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