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A Divorce Lawyer in Green Bay WI Understands the Problems Clients Create Because of Negative Emotions

A Divorce Lawyer in Green Bay WI sometimes represents a client during a particularly acrimonious end to a marriage. This person may feel angry, bitter and vengeful if the spouse had been cheating, has secretly gambled away a lot of money, or has been lying about his or her past. It’s important for this individual to get some control over the emotions involved in order to participate in asset division and child custody without being spiteful. Trying to punish the spouse often winds up doing more harm to the person seeking revenge.

Hanging On to an Expensive Asset

For example, this client of a Divorce Lawyer in Green Bay WI may be determined to keep the family home at any cost, forcing the other spouse to move out. However, trying to manage a mortgage and home upkeep can be difficult for one person, especially if he or she had to buy out the spouse’s half of the home equity. Serious financial difficulty can result, and this person may eventually face foreclosure.

Fighting for an Asset, the Ex-Spouse Wants

Battling over an asset the person doesn’t really want but knows the spouse wants is another problematic tactic. If the issue cannot be resolved during mediation sessions, the couple will have to go to court. That costs significantly more than coming to agreements without a judge having to intervene.

Even if the person wins on this matter during mediation, as arranged by a firm such as Brabazon Law Office LLC, it still may be costly. He or she may have needed to compromise by giving up something that was more financially valuable or meant more emotionally. Now, there’s ownership of a sailboat or recreational vehicle, but the loss of a beloved vacation cottage.

Child Custody and Visitation

Negative emotions also can cause havoc when it comes to child custody and visitation. A parent may eventually give up pushing the issue of having more regular time with the kids if the ex-spouse makes it exceedingly difficult. But when the kids get older, they will not appreciate the understanding that their custodial parent interfered in this way and undermined the relationship.

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