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Why Do Parents Hire a Birth Injury Attorney in Norwich, CT?

The birth of a new baby is a time for celebration, but it can sometimes lead to heartache. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, birth injuries occur in 7 out of 1000 births. When a birth injury occurs, it can be traumatic for the entire family, especially the mother. The weeks and months of expectation suddenly culminate in great sadness and the need for answers. Those who experience a birth injury while giving birth to their child deserve the right to seek compensation. It is imperative parents consider hiring a birth injury attorney in Norwich, CT.

These are the most common types of birth injuries:

• Cerebral palsy

• Erb’s palsy

• Brachial palsy

• Kernicterus

• Fetal distress

• Brain injuries

Umbilical cord injuries are one of the most common causes of birth injuries. The umbilical cord is the lifeline for the baby and is crucial for providing the baby with vital oxygen, blood and nutrients so it can stay alive. Unfortunately, the umbilical cord can become pinched in the birth canal, causing a lack of oxygen and blood supply. Compression can also occur, which causes the umbilical cord to wrap around the neck of the baby.

When doctors and other medical professionals fail to act quickly and appropriately, this can lead to serious birth injuries and even death. Some injuries can cause lasting effects on a child’s and their parent’s lives. It is imperative parents learn all they can about their rights and what needs to be done to pursue their medical malpractice injury with a birth injury attorney in Norwich, CT.

In some cases, children may need ongoing medical care because of the birth injuries they suffered. There are many areas a family can be compensated for, and an attorney will work to make sure their client receives the greatest amount of compensation allowed under the law.

If your baby suffered birth injuries, you can learn more about hiring an attorney by visiting. If you are ready to get started on pursuing your injury claim, contact the office of Stephen M. Reck. They will be happy to meet with you and help you determine the right course of action.

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