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Workers compensation is intended to provide benefits to workers that are injured at job-sites, or become ill due to their working conditions. Employers are required to have workers compensation insurance to provide funding for these claims, but determining eligibility and filing a Workers Compensation Claim in Luzerne County PA can be a challenge.

The first issue at hand is to determine whether or not an individual employee is covered. There are several areas of workers that are not covered by the state worker’s compensation program in Pennsylvania. These include federal employees, longshoremen and harbor workers, and railroad workers, all of whom are instead covered by federal insurance. Workers that are not covered by either state or federal insurance include domestic workers, independent contractors, and volunteers. None of these groups are legally considered to be employees. Seasonal or part-time workers, however, are covered. Employees of non-profit corporations are also provided for under worker’s compensation provisions.

For those who do not fall into any of these categories, the next step is to determine whether the injury or illness is covered. Both injuries occurring at the workplace and diseases that arise as a result of working conditions are covered under worker’s compensation, but they must be severe enough that medical care beyond first-aid treatment is required. In the case of occupational diseases, they must be either caused by or aggravated by working conditions.

When filing a claim, the employer must be notified. This notification should include the date and place of injury as well as details of the accident. It is then the employer’s responsibility to complete the forms required to report the claim to appropriate authorities. Should the claim be denied, a petition can be filed to appeal the decision on behalf of the injured party. When filing an appeal it is important to have an attorney to help file paperwork and gather relevant evidence. Those who encounter hesitance or discrimination from their employers upon attempting to file a claim should also seek legal counsel.

Visit domain URL to find out more about eligibility requirements and find an attorney to help file a Workers Compensation Claim in Luzerne County PA. Keep in mind that there are statutes of limitation in place, so the best time to file a claim is as soon as possible after the incident or onset of illness.

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