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An Accident Attorney in Waldorf Can Provide Advice About Social Media Postings During Settlement Negotiation

While an Accident Attorney in Waldorf is negotiating a settlement with an insurer, it’s advisable for the injured person to not participate in social media for the time being. If he or she does participate, being careful about what is posted or commented on is crucial. Anything that could undermine the case or make the person’s claim look questionable will be fodder for insurance company investigators.

Although people often think that their privacy settings prevent unwanted viewers on their social media activity, they tend to be incorrect about this. For instance, many social media users don’t understand that making a comment or clicking “like” on a public post makes this activity viewable to everyone. They may not realize that a social media friend or the connection may be able to repost something that was said or share a photo someone else uploaded. An obvious potential problem would involve a plaintiff trying to obtain a settlement for lost wages during a time when social media photos indicate that the person is being physically active and likely should be back to work. These types of social media postings make the work of an Accident Attorney in Waldorf more difficult.

Other postings may not relate to the person’s level of activity but rather to a trustworthy character. Although it may seem irrelevant to the plaintiff, continually speaking in curse words, making inflammatory remarks and getting into online squabbles can call his or her character into question. Even worse, bragging about the possibility of receiving a large amount of money in a legal settlement indicates the person is not taking the situation seriously. It may look to the insurer like there is a certain level of misrepresentation of the injury occurring if the plaintiff seems gleeful about monetary compensation.

If the person is laid up at home and feels isolated, social media can provide a source of companionship and a way to stay connected. Participating can be continued if done using common sense. An Accident Attorney in Waldorf can provide more details on which online activities to avoid and which are acceptable. A firm such as Jaklitsch Law Group is ready to provide a free initial consultation.

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