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What To Expect When You Hire A Bail Bond Agent In Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma, a judge assigns a bail value for all defendants who are eligible for release through these opportunities. Once the bail value is set, the defendant or an individual representing them may make arrangements for them to post bail. A bail bond agent in Oklahoma City area provides a bond to make posting bail more affordable for these defendants.

Identifying What Collateral is Acceptable

Bonding agents accept certain collateral in lieu of cash for the bail bond. The most common collateral used for these purposes is real estate, jewelry, high-valued automobiles, and accounts containing the same value as the bail value. The defendant or a party representing them must provide the title or deed for the chosen collateral to the bonding agent.

What Percentage of the Bail is Required?

The percentage of the bail that is required by the Bail Bond Agent is no more than fourteen percent. The bail bondsman provides the defendant or representative with the exact value required for the bail bond. They must provide payment in this amount or acceptable collateral to secure release from the county jail.

Making Arrangements to Appear on the Court Date

The bail bond is provided to guarantee that the defendant will appear in court as directed by the judge. If the defendant doesn’t have a reliable option for making their court appearance the bonding agent may help. Under certain circumstances, a bonding agent could make arrangements to ensure that the defendant arrives at court as expected.

What Could Happen if the Defendant Doesn’t Appear?

Any defendant that doesn’t appear in court as expected will face a failure to appear warrant. The judge signs the warrant to allow all law enforcement to arrest the defendant on sight. If collateral was used to secure the bond, the bonding agent may seize it, and the bail bond is revoked.

In Oklahoma, a bail value is assigned for all defendants that are eligible for bail. Once the value is set, a bonding agent may offer a bond for the release of the defendant. The defendant or a representative may acquire the bond. Criminal defendants who need to post bail should contact a Bail Bond Agent in Oklahoma City for further information today.

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