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What To Expect From Bail Bonding In Hurst, TX

In Texas, bail bonding agents help criminal defendants get out of jail. Once the defendant becomes eligible for release, the bail bonding agent can offer a bail bond. The products are available to criminal defendants who cannot pay their bail. Utilizing if helps the defendant get released from county jail quickly.

Do Defendants get Refunds for the Premium?

No, in most cases, the criminal defendant won’t receive any refunds on the bail bond premiums. However, the collateral that is used to secure the bond is returned if the defendant fulfills all their obligations. The bonding agent returns any deed or title back to the owner after the defendant appears in court.

Can Criminal Defendants Travel?

The terms of release don’t allow the criminal defendant to leave the state or country. Under some circumstances, the judge may provide permission for the criminal defendant to travel. However, he or she must acquire permission before traveling. Any unauthorized travel leads to an immediate arrest.

What Items are Used as Collateral?

Collateral used for a bail bond ranges from real estate to automobiles. The defendant or their representative must own the collateral used. The bail bonding agents must acquire prove of ownership before accepting the collateral. Any asset that is financed by a bank isn’t accepted in most instances. The owner must have a clear title or deed for the property.

What Happens if the Defendant is Arrested Again?

The bail bond is revoked if the defendant is arrested again. It is less likely that the bonding agent will provide an additional bond. However, if the defendant fulfilled all previous obligations to the bonding agent it is possible. Yet, a new bail bond isn’t possible if the defendant failed to appear in court.

In Texas, bail bonds are used instead of paying the full bail requested. Defendants that cannot afford their bail obtain a bond because it is more affordable. A bonding agent helps the defendant by allowing them to pay a fee that is no greater than fourteen percent. Criminal defendants who want to learn more about Bail Bonding in Hurst TX contact a bonding agent to there.

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