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The Need for a Drug Defense Attorney in Kutztown, PA

These days, people can get arrested quickly on some types of drug charge, whether for possession, trafficking, manufacturing, or distribution of a drug. Whatever drug charge an individual faces, the situation can become very bad in a court of law and, therefore, it becomes necessary to hire an attorney who is experienced with drug charges defense. A drug defense attorney in Kutztown, PA helps clients who have been charged with drug-related crimes and wants them to know what they potentially face in Pennsylvania. Here is a look at some of the penalties for drug crimes in Pennsylvania.

Looking at Penalties for Drug Charges

One of the things that people in Pennsylvania have to worry about is being charged with drug possession because it is so easy to get caught up without realizing that the drug possession is illegal. For example, if a person has a prescribed narcotic that was not prescribed to them, that could be considered possession of a controlled substance. In such a case, if the person is found guilty of possession of the controlled narcotic, even though it was prescribed to someone else, a jail sentence of a year could be imposed.

More About Penalties for Drug Charges

Having a controlled substance could also lead to possession with the intent to distribute if a law enforcement officer feels the individual was intended to give the substance to someone else. This could lead to a fine of up to $250,000 or up to 15 years in prison for a felony. It is a dangerous thing for anyone to try to handle a drug charge alone and without legal counsel.

An Attorney for Drug Defense in Pennsylvania

If a person is arrested on the suspicion of any kind of drug charges, there are many lawyers who will take the case in Pennsylvania. The Law Offices of Paul S. Missan is a law firm in the Kutztown, Pennsylvania area that represents clients with drug charges. Anyone in need of a drug defense attorney in Kutztown, PA can contact these law firm. Schedule an appointment at visit us website.

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