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What Happens When You Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney in Centralia, WA?

Wrongful death can leave the surviving family members feeling overwhelmed and deeply saddened. No one wants to lose someone they love, especially when their death could have been avoided. To ensure the family members can obtain the compensation they deserve, it is crucial they hire a wrongful death attorney in Centralia, WA.

What Happens When an Attorney Is Hired?

Going through the process of pursuing a wrongful death claim is never easy. There are so many emotions, and the family members may not be able to think clearly enough to make effective decisions. The following are some of the steps that will be taken by the wrongful death attorney in Centralia, WA.

  • The attorney will investigate the claims made by the surviving family members or the estate. Investigations are crucial for providing the right level of evidence. Without proper evidence, it will be difficult to prove the claim in court.
  • If there is an insurance company involved, the attorney will begin pursuing them and making sure they are held accountable for the compensation that is owed to the family. Insurance adjusters are not always fair in their approaches to the settlement, especially if there is no legal presence.
  • Should the insurance company refuse to offer a fair settlement, the attorney will start the paperwork for filing a wrongful death claim in court. This process can often be lengthy, but it is sometimes the only way for a family to get a fair outcome.

Elements of Wrongful Death

There are four main elements that must be present in a wrongful death case. Understanding these elements will help a family to know whether or not they should pursue their claim.

  • The defendant must have owed the victim a duty of care.
  • The duty of care must have been breached by the defendant.
  • The breach must have directly caused the death.
  • The death must have caused measurable damages to the surviving family members.

If your loved one died due to the negligence of another party, it is imperative that you seek legal help. For more information on these services, visit us today to get started.

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