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Acquiring SSI Benefits in Arizona: Why Hiring a Lawyer Is Helpful

People desiring to receive SSI in the state of Arizona might think that all they have to do is apply. Unfortunately, because SSI is regulated at both the state and federal level, it is very difficult to get SSI. It’s almost as difficult as getting SSDI benefits when you have to apply through Social Security Administration. That is because SSI is meant to supplement disability and retirement benefits, and not every retiree qualifies. There are other complications with applying for SSI that only SSI lawyers in Phoenix, AZ can help you sort it out.

SSI for Persons with Disabilities

Applying for disability benefits is a long road unless you meet certain “compassionate allowances” with Social Security. Since you have to be approved for government disability benefits to apply for SSI, most people in this boat can’t get SSI first without being determined as disabled by Social Security first. State SSI benefits are only allowed if you have been granted disabled status. SSI lawyers from Phoenix, AZ have had thousands of cases dealing with these exact complexities.

SSI for Retirees

As a retired senior citizen, you may not qualify for SSI. Your income and assets may put you in a higher financial bracket than what is allowed by the state of Arizona. If you have received a letter of denial and think that the government is wrong, contact Slepian Ellexson, PLLC, in Phoenix, AZ. They will meet with you to examine the letter and explain your options.

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