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What are the Signer’s Responsibilities When Working With a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City?

When someone signs a bail bond for a family member or friend, it is important the signer fully understands their responsibilities. With this information, signers will know what to expect when working with a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City. Being prepared will help individuals to make the right decision for themselves and the jailed defendant.

Signers Need to Know Their Responsibilities

The person who signs a bond agreement with the bail bondsman in Oklahoma City is referred to as the Indemnitor. The following are the most important responsibilities of the Indemnitor.

  • The most important responsibility of the Indemnitor is to make sure the defendant shows up for all of their court dates. The bail bondsman will help with this as well but much of the burden rests on the one who signs the bond agreement.
  • If the defendant does not show up for a court date, the Indemnitor is held responsible for paying any extra fees the bondsman incurs as a result of needing to hire a fugitive recovery agent.
  • Should the defendant not be recovered, the Indemnitor will be held fully responsible for paying the entire amount of bail set by the judge. If the Indemnitor put up any property for collateral, the property will be seized by the bondsman.

What Can Indemnitors Expect From the Process?

Most people who become Indemnitors are thrust into the situation without much time for thinking it through. When a person becomes the Indemnitor, they will pay the fee to the bondsman, which is typically around ten percent of the bail amount. This fee is not refundable even if the defendant were to be found not-guilty in their trial.

It is important a person does not enter into this contract without fully understanding their responsibilities. The more knowledge a person has of the process, the better equipped they will be to make a sound decision on whether or not they want to be the Indemnitor for their family member or friend.

If you are in need of a bondsman, schedule an appointment. With the help of a bondsman, your loved one can be released from jail and brought back home to their family.

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