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What a Workers Comp Attorney in Port St. Lucie, FL Can Do for a Client

Worker’s compensation is designed to compensate those who are injured on the job without the need for personal injury lawsuits. Determining whether it’s necessary to hire a Workers Comp Attorney in Port St. Lucie FL is one of the first decisions a worker must make when pursuing compensation. Below are some of the things a worker’s compensation lawyer can do that most people can’t.

Determine if the Injury is Eligible for Benefits

Even if a case seems to be cut and dried, not every injury is eligible for worker’s compensation. Work-related injuries cover a variety of situations and conditions, and an experienced attorney can tell almost immediately whether the case will work or not.

File the Claim Correctly

Filing a worker’s compensation claim is harder than it seems. In many cases, filing the claim means filling out more than one claim form. A worker’s compensation attorney knows the intricacies of state laws, and they can use that knowledge to ensure the claim is filed on time and accurately.

Handle the Appeals Process

Denied claims can sound like a real nightmare, but a denial isn’t the end of the road. Hiring a Workers Comp Attorney in Port St. Lucie FL makes it easy to appeal a claim after it’s denied.

File a Lawsuit

Sometimes, the benefits a client receives aren’t enough to cover lost wages and medical bills. A worker’s compensation lawyer can tell the client whether to continue pursuing the claim, file a personal injury suit or both.

Help the Client Keep Their Options Open

In many instances, worker’s compensation isn’t the only type of benefit a person can get when they’re hurt on the job. They may be able to get unemployment or disability as well. Understanding how these benefits can affect a worker’s comp claim is a great reason to call a lawyer.

Should Workers Hire a Lawyer?

The decision to hire an attorney is, of course, up to the client. However, someone with a complicated case or a serious injury may struggle to get the full amount to which they’re entitled simply because the process is so complex. A single mistake can delay a claim or cause it to be denied altogether, which makes getting help even more vital. Call Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille today for more details or to schedule a consultation.

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