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Questions You Must Ask to Find A Top Lawyer in Dubai

There are many top law firms in Dubai, the most populated city in the UAE.

As one of the most developed cities in the middle east, Dubai presents so many attorney options. However, one has to weed their way through to find the right attorney.

With all the regulations and pitfalls specific to the UAE, and considering the court’s only operate in the Arabic language, expats need to have expert advice.

As you look for the top firm to work with, the regional experience is right up there at the top.
You need a UAE national lawyer as they are the only individuals that can represent clients in front of the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal.

As one of the best lawyers in Dubai, one will have to have been qualified in the UAE for a minimum of five years to present cases to the Court of Cassation.

Specialist or Generalist? When selecting an excellent and efficient attorney, especially in the City of Gold, you’ll want to decide whether you need someone specializing in one type of law, or someone that covers the whole spectrum. It really will come down to the nature of the offense, charge or other need.

The next condition to finding a superb lawyer in the UAE is the lawyers’ network. How well do they know the government officials? Who else do they interact with within the system? Can they make your case move faster?

Whether it’s criminal, business, civil or family law, you’re top attorney had better be familiar with Sharia law. Although this primarily applies to Muslims, it very much spills over into non-muslim affairs as well.

Once you’ve determined that the lawyer and law firm you are considering is qualified, you’ll also want to check references. Is there a similar company that they have helped before?

Once you have made your decision, it’s a good idea to meet them in person and see how you feel personally with the legal team you are selecting. contact STA Law Firm for more information.

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