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When someone is involved in an accident involving an eighteen-wheeler, they may decide to contact a Truck Accident Attorney Reno NV to help prove who was at fault for the occurrence. When a truck driver makes a mistake at the wheel, it could have dire consequences to the vehicles around it at the time. Often truckers will be required to make long-distance hauls without a lot of time to get to their destination. Proving the driver was negligent due to lack of rest would be done effectively with an attorney.

First, the attorney would find out details about the accident to help determine the reasoning for its occurance. They will require the plaintiff to find out who had been in the area at the time of the accident as they could be used as witnesses in a court of law. This could be done by looking at photographs taken on the scene. If there was surveillance footage taken of the accident or the area near where it had occurred, clues about the truck driver’s driving could be present to view. This footage may be obtained via local businesses or traffic cameras in the area where the incident had happened.

The lawyer would be able to request any logs pertaining to the amount of time the trucker had been on the road is revealed to court. This will also be backed up with GPS information or mileage the truck had driven between jobs. If there is an indication the driver was going too fast on the roadway, or if it appears they were driving for several hours without adequate rest, the plaintiff will most likely win their case in court. This would allow them to receive compensation for any of their medical bills or damage repair bills as a result of the accident.

If someone is in need of a great Truck Accident Attorney Reno NV, they will want to hire someone with a proven track record for winning their cases. Give a call to Houston & Lyon Injury Law Center to set up a consultation about an ongoing accident investigation today.

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