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What Should Petitioners Discuss with a Divorce Attorney in Walker, MN?

In Minnesota, petitioners must review the requirements for divorce. They must evaluate these requirements to ensure they fulfill them before moving forward with their motion. A divorce attorney in Walker, MN provides these requirements with local petitioners.

What Are the Residency Requirements for Divorce?

The current residency requirements indicate that the petitioner must live in the state for a period of at least six months. They cannot file a motion unless they fulfill this requirement, which allows the state to take jurisdiction over the divorce case. The petitioner must present evidence to show the fulfillment of this obligation.

What Grounds Are Accepted in Minnesota?

The state of Minnesota provides one divorce ground only. The state accepts an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. This ground indicates that neither party is at fault. The state doesn’t allow any fault-based divorce grounds. Fault-based grounds require extensive proof to utilize. The state prevents this need for additional evidence to allow for a smoother transition to a final judgment.

What Is Equitable Division and How Does It Work?

Equitable division of the marital estate provides each party with the same value and enensures fairness in the divorce proceedings. The parties do not receive any property that wasn’t acquired before the marriage. Each party retains ownership of these properties that they possessed before the marriage was established. However, any prenuptial agreement established may dictate alternating methods of property division. The court enforces the terms of this agreement.

Reaching an Agreement

To finalize the divorce, the parties must reach an agreement. If they are unable to reach an agreement, the court may require them to undergo mediation. These efforts allow each party to air their grievances and discuss their wishes. If they cannot reach an agreement, the court may require a divorce trial where a judge makes the final decision during the trial.

In Minnesota, petitioners must review all requirements for their divorce case, which apply to residency, the agreement, and property division. Any issues that emerge during the case must be managed properly. Petitioners who need assistance should hire a divorce attorney in Walker, MN by contacting the Brainerd Minnesota Law Firm for more information today.

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