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Some personal injury settlements are relatively straightforward. The insurer pays for the individual’s medical bills and lost wages while he or she is off work, and this is all that’s necessary. In some instances, a person may experience ongoing difficulty participating in an activity that used to be enjoyable and feel that financial compensation is deserved. Unless that activity was directly tied to the individual’s income, the insurer is likely to deny compensation. A Personal Injury Attorney in Glendale AZ can evaluate the situation and tell the injured individual whether or not this aspect of the case is worth pursuing.

For example, a serious injury to the hand or arm may leave the person with lingering pain that only develops while attempting a favorite activity. That activity might be something like playing the piano or guitar, sewing, knitting, bowling or playing tennis. The insurer may dispute various factors in a person’s attempt to acquire financial compensation for this discomfort. It may be difficult to prove that the pain actually occurs. There may be no definitive diagnostic tool verifying a permanent injury. If there is no monetary reward for these activities, the insurer may assume the person can simply take up a different hobby.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Glendale AZ may take a different viewpoint, however. The lawyer may believe this problem is categorized as a reduction in quality of life. Evidence to support this could include verifying the number of years the person has engaged in this favorite hobby and the amount of time invested in enhancing the skill. There may be a loss of socialization benefits if the person has to stop playing with an amateur band or orchestra, or can no longer be on a bowling league. Someone who sews or knits may be accustomed to creating lovely personalized gifts for family and friends, and now, that is no longer possible.

Each situation is unique, so someone dealing with any circumstance like this may want to contact an organization such as Garrison Law Firm for a free consultation. Visit the Site to find out more details about this firm.

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