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How to Get Help From a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Queens County NY

Riding a bicycle is a great way to get exercise and an economical means of travel. Although bicyclists have the same rights on the road as cars, drivers do not always pay attention and can sometimes cause serious accidents because of their negligence or even intent to harm. When someone is seriously injured in a bicycle accident, they have the right to get help from the Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Queens County NY.

How to Get Started

When someone is seriously injured in a bicycle accident, their first goal should be to seek medical treatment. Sometimes, shock can prevent a person from knowing just how seriously they have been injured. Once the injured victim is under the care of a doctor, they should next consider consulting with the Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Queens County NY.

The consultation appointment is an important first meeting with the lawyer. It allows the lawyer to learn about the details of the case and determine the best form of legal recourse. It also allows the injured victim to discover information on the rights they hold and what steps will be involved in pursuing compensation.

How Does the Lawyer Help?

Being aware of how the lawyer will help is crucial for ensuring the injured party makes the right decision. Once the lawyer is hired, they will immediately reconstruct the scene of the accident and will work with an investigative team to gather as much evidence as possible. The goal of the lawyer will be to get the fairest outcome possible for their injured client.

In the state of New York, the statute of limitations for injured victims is three years. The injured party must file a lawsuit before this time period is up. The lawyer will help their client stay on track and avoid needless delays so their case can be settled as quickly as possible.

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