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How Child Support Law in Bee Cave, TX Affects Payments When the Parent Becomes Disabled

The topic of parents who don’t pay child support as required has received a great deal of publicity over the years. Sometimes they intentionally avoid paying because they despise the child’s other parent, but often, they are experiencing some type of hardship. When a parent needs to learn more about the child support Law Bee, Cave TX lawyers provide assistance.

Modification of the Support Order

The parent paying child support who becomes disabled should not hesitate to petition the court for a modification of the support order. A judge will want to know the type of disability and have verification from a doctor that the person should not be working full-time, at least for now. The parent will likely still be required to pay a percentage of his or her disability compensation for child support. When it comes to child support in Law Bee Cave, TX attorneys are available to provide legal representation.

Why the Disability Occurred

The disability may have occurred due to a number of factors. This parent may have been injured in a vehicle accident, for example. In this case, the family court judge may expect the parent to pay back support payments once the settlement is received if it includes compensation for lost wages. In contrast, the parent may have developed a serious illness that prevents participation in full-time employment.

Legal Representation

Having professional legal representation by an organization like Margaglione Law can be crucial for success in a petition for a child support modification. Family court judges have become vigilant about making sure parents pay support as ordered. They often will not modify the order even if the parent has been laid off from a job. It’s also essential for the petitioner to be respectful in court, even if the child’s other parent is there and the two have an acrimonious relationship.

SSDI Dependent Benefits

If the parent will be receiving Social Security Disability Income benefits, the children may be eligible to receive dependent benefits. As with SSDI, those benefits are based on the parent’s past earnings. Questions about this and other issues can be asked when consulting with a lawyer like the one with the website .

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