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Help From an Accident Lawyer in Rochester, MN if an Injury During Pregnancy Might Have Caused Autism

The increase in prevalence of autism has many people disconcerted and wondering about the reasons. Most parents of autistic children don’t believe the discredited theory that vaccinations are connected with this disorder, but they would like to know possible causes. A woman who was injured in a car accident while pregnant may worry that this is why her little one has autism. An Accident Lawyer in Rochester MN can determine whether she may have a good case against the driver who was responsible for the incident.

Insight From Research

A study conducted by Princeton researchers that was published in 2014 found a potential higher risk for autism when an unborn baby experiences a brain injury in the second or third trimester. Damage to the cerebellum may be to blame. The researchers reported that this type of brain injury can result in abnormal brain development that is a risk factor for autism. An Accident Lawyer in Rochester MN can use this type of research to support the client’s case.


One main problem could be verifying that the baby was injured this way in the accident. The unborn child may have been examined after the collision with ultrasound to make sure no serious injury occurred, but there may be no medical records addressing this specific type of harm. Other types of stress due to accidents or other causes have not been definitively linked to autism.

Expert Witness

A lawyer from an organization such as Rolsch Law Offices may be able to have a medical doctor testify as an expert witness about the probability the baby suffered a traumatic brain injury that could have resulted in autism. Visit the Site to learn more about this particular attorney and schedule a free consultation.

This is an important point. It may otherwise be impossible to prove an accident that did not cause brain trauma to the fetus was the cause. In a personal injury case, the plaintiff must be able to prove the case in court if the liable entity, or the insurance company for that entity, refuses to pay a settlement. Having professional legal representation is essential.

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