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Auto Accident Injury Lawyers in Phoenix AZ can help college students who have been hurt in a vehicle collision and don’t know how to proceed in making a claim against the at-fault driver. If another driver caused the incident, his or her automotive insurance should pay for medical expenses and other aspects deserving financial compensation. The insurer may try to show that the student was partly or mostly at fault and refuse to pay.

Compensation Considerations

Vehicle collisions that cause injury and property damage can be very disruptive to the college student’s goals. The young person may have to miss classes and might even have to drop out for the rest of the semester. Money spent on tuition and other fees has been wasted. Attorneys with an organization such as Garrison Law Firm will help the student receive compensation for those funds so the setback isn’t as difficult as it would otherwise be. Visit the site for contact details.

Insurer Points of View

Especially if it’s early in the college year and the student is new to the city, insurers know that the risk is higher for an accident. They may be even more inclined to think this if the young adult is from a small town and unaccustomed to driving in a metro area the size of Phoenix.

Getting Parents Involved

If possible, the young person’s parents should be involved in the legal process. They can ask important questions of the attorney that the student might not think of. As mature adults, they will likely understand somewhat more about these types of situations and can provide moral support. They may even know somebody who has been through a similar circumstance.

Paying the Attorney

Auto Accident Injury Lawyers in Phoenix AZ generally do not charge upfront fees, so the student and the parents will not have to worry about how to pay the attorney. These lawyers nearly always receive their payment as a specified percentage of the settlement they obtain for the client. They are meticulous about preparing claims to insurance companies so a fast and fair settlement can be arranged without having to file a lawsuit.

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