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Discuss Your Legal Options With A Brain Damage Lawyer In Norwich, CT

Brain damage can destroy a person’s life in profound ways that extend far beyond the life alterations of many other injuries. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is usually caused by a violent blow to the head. Combat soldiers suffer this type of injury, but this can also happen in a car accident, a fall and in countless other ways. Brain injuries are also associated with strokes or multiple sclerosis.

The High Cost of Treatment

TBIs are very expensive to treat, especially if the patient is hospitalized for a long period. In the U.S., about $77 billion is spent annually on treating these serious head injuries, reports a Brain Damage Lawyer in Norwich CT. Even partial recovery can take years. In some cases, the patient never recovers.

Stem Cell Therapy

Researchers are have promising results from treating brain injuries with stem cell therapy. Early results lead scientists to believe that recovery from brain injury may be possible, even if the injury happened several years ago. In a study involving stroke victims, about half of those who had been confined to wheelchairs were once again able to walk.

In a brain injury, the conventional thinking has been that the damaged neurons in the brain cannot be replaced. The brain naturally produces neural stem cells which replace damaged neurons. When the brain is injured, the neural stem cells attempt to stop bleeding and repair the brain. However, this repair process never lasts long and is unable to repair extensive brain damage.

In the study with stroke victims, the transplanted stem cells came from the bone marrow of volunteer donors. It’s unclear exactly how the stem cells jump-start the brain’s own repair mechanism, but it offers hope to those with serious brain injuries. It is unknown whether or not someone could recover completely, but when dealing with devastating brain injuries, any progress is worthwhile.

The treatment itself is fairly simple, involving three injections of stem cells every seven to ten days. A doctor may recommend a second course of three injections after two months.Stephen M. Reck is an experienced Brain Damage Lawyer in Norwich CT. If you or a loved one is burdened with preventable brain damage or another injury, you need reliable representation and to understand your rights and options. Visit website to learn more and to contact the Law Firm of Stephen M. Reck and Scott D. Camassar.

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