The Importance Of Hiring A Criminal Attorney In Bel Air, MD

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Criminal Lawyer

Anyone in trouble with the law needs help from a criminal attorney. For instance, people charged with serious felonies may not have a bond. An attorney must petition the court for a bond. The petition explains why the defendant is likely to return for trial. Judges like to hear that defendants have jobs and families. Further, it helps to have a limited criminal record. Further, the lawyer has a lot of work to complete before a trial is scheduled.

If you need a Criminal Attorney in Bel Air MD, visit website. The website provides information on how to schedule an appointment. Preliminary hearings are usually held early on. The prosecutor relays information about the case to the judge. And, the judge rules whether there is enough evidence to prosecute. Next, the prosecutor takes the case before the grand jury. The grand jury decides whether or not to indict the case. An indictment is the formal presentation of the charges.

After an indictment, a Criminal Attorney in Bel Air MD needs to file several motions. Indeed, there are several standard motions to protect the defendant’s rights. Examples include:

     *     demand for trial

     *     motion for a speedy trial

     *     motion for reciprocal discovery

A motion for reciprocal discovery makes sure the defense sees all the evidence. And, the defense turns over evidence to the state. In addition, certain motions should be filed under special circumstances. The lawyer may file motions to dismiss the case or motions to suppress statements. The next court appearance is the arraignment. And, at an arraignment, the defendant enters a plea of guilty or not guilty. During the entire criminal process, the attorney is investigating the case.

Most attorneys use investigators who interview witnesses. Likewise, they try and discover new evidence to help the defendant. Additionally, the attorney has ongoing talks with the prosecutor. This is critical because many prosecutors are willing to negotiate. They may offer to accept a plea to less serious charges. Or, they may offer no jail time in exchange for a guilty plea. Sometimes, a plea is in the defendant’s interest. That is why one should always hire an attorney.

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