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Been Involved in a Truck Accident? Have a Professional by Your Side

Have you recently been in an accident that involved a commercial truck? Did you suffer from substantial injuries from the accident and not able to work now? If so, you defiantly want to have legal representation on your side. The company that owns the truck responsible for the accident already has an insurance company working on their case. They want to do their best to minimize their exposure and reduce the amount they have to pay out to you. You may find that they are only offering you pennies on the dollar to compensate you for the accident. They may also ask you if they can fix the property that they damaged to help destroy the evidence that can be used against them. That is why you should consult with truck accident lawyers in Omaha immediately. A skilled attorney will advise you if there is a case against the company and if you select to hire them, they will intervene between you and the insurance company.

Laws Set for Standard for Truck Drivers

  • Depending on the size of the truck most drivers are required to have a commercial license to operate the truck.
  • An operator of a commercial truck is only allowed to drive a certain amount of hours before they are required by law to take a break or resting period.
  • Trucks can only haul a certain amount of weight all depending on the size of the truck.
  • If the driver is hauling hazardous waste there are safety regulations set by the Office of Hazardous Material Safety. This is important if the trucker did not follow those guidelines and it resulted in your injury.
  • Commercial trucks are to have quality control that is regulated in manufacturing the trucks and their repairs. If it is found that a component on the truck such as failed brakes caused the accident, you may have a claim against the supplier, manufacturer, or even the person who performed the repair.

A Lawyer has Knowledge and the Experience You Need

It can be difficult enough to file a claim against an individual for an accident they caused. When it comes to commercial accidents, you will face a harder challenge. An experienced attorney will know the law when it comes to personal injury and the laws of commercial vehicles. You will not need to fight alone when you can hire a trusted legal team to handle your case for you.

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