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When Fido Strikes, It Makes Sense to Consult a Dog Bites Attorney in Nassau County, NY

90 million dogs were being kept as pets in the United States as of last year, and many of these canine companions live in the state of New York. While most dogs are friendly, highly socialized creatures, some are simply not capable of living peacefully alongside people.

Even family pets that formerly seemed as gentle and calm as possible can sometimes snap, and their owners do not always take appropriate action thereafter. When an encounter with a dog results in an injury, getting in touch with a dog bites attorney in Nassau County, NY will typically make sense.

Making Sure That Dog Bite Victims Are Compensated Appropriately

Even what initially appears to be a minor bite can end up being extremely costly. From the costs of getting the bite treated to physical therapy and lost wages, the sums can easily add up.

A dog bites attorney in Nassau County, NY like one of those at the Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III can always help. Even where a dog’s owner at first seems to be committed to making things right, the situation can change quickly. Getting in touch with an attorney for a free consultation will be the best way to make sure any compensation owed will be forthcoming.

Doing Everything Possible to Make Victims Whole

The process of ensuring compensation for the victim will vary from case to case. In many situations, an attorney will begin with negotiating with an insurer, and that can be enough to resolve the situation satisfactorily.

Most providers of homeowner’s insurance, after all, prefer to avoid expensive court cases and will recognize that the threat of a lawsuit will have risen upon the introduction of an attorney. As a result, many dog bite situations end up being resolved without resort to suing, especially for those who take care to retain the services of a lawyer.

Click here, and it will become clear that there is almost never a reason to avoid at least consulting with an attorney. As many offer free consultations that entail no further obligation, at least having a particular case assessed makes sense.

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