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An Auto Accident Attorney in Norfolk, VA Helps Clients Overcome Disputes Over Pre-Existing Conditions

Virginia is a no-fault state in regard to automotive insurance, which allows people to avoid having to make claims against another driver’s insurance when that person has caused an accident. Normally, it’s easier to approach one’s own insurance company with bills for medical expenses and property damage. Insurance will also pay for lack of the usual income while the person is laid up. Sometimes an auto accident attorney in Norfolk, VA becomes necessary if the person’s insurer disputes the claim for any reason.

Prior Treatment Concerns

The insurance company may have learned that the policyholder had previously sought treatment for the type of condition now being claimed. Attempting to claim a knee or back injury, for instance, can be problematic if the individual has previously received care for an arthritic knee or acute back pain.

New Documentation

One piece of evidence for someone with a pre-existing disorder would be verification from the doctor that the condition is now significantly worse. For example, a patient who had previously been scheduling appointments with a chiropractor every few months to resolve intermittent pain now may be facing back surgery.

A patient who had been successfully managing documented knee pain from arthritis may have experienced a wrenched knee in the accident. The injury may have dramatically reduced their ability to get around.

An auto accident attorney in Norfolk, VA understands the kinds of documentation needed from medical professionals to verify that the accident caused this more recent problem, or worsened an existing condition. New X-rays and MRIs, for instance, can be compared with those that had been taken before.

Intangible and Non-Economic Aspects

Insurers are also likely to dispute a claim for intangible aspects when a policyholder is trying to negotiate directly with the company. These disputes are very common, as insurance companies normally do not expect to pay for factors like physical pain and suffering or emotional trauma. The company may be willing to do so if the accident and the consequences were particularly severe. A law firm such as Price Perkins Larkin will be essential in the effort to obtain this kind of compensation.

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