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In Pennsylvania, Social Security disability benefits provide monthly benefits to help claimants support themselves. The benefits are provided through Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance. The value of the benefits is determined by the program. Social Security Legal Service in Wilkes-Barre PA helps claimants who are turned down for benefits.

Fleshing Out the Claim

The most vital part of the process is to include as much information as possible in the claim. A common mistake claimants make is failing to provide more comprehensive data about their conditions. The attorney reviews the claim and determines what details are missing from the claim.

Information from the Doctor Directly

The doctor can speak to the Social Security Administration directly and explain the claimant’s condition. The caseworker needs details about the condition and how the doctor is treating it. The doctor’s assessment defines whether or not the patient has the ability to work and support themselves financially. The doctor’s details could prevent the need to visit doctors assigned by the agency.

What to Expect During a Legal Claim

If the claimant has to file a legal claim, all their information becomes a matter of public record and is presented to a judge and jury. The case is reviewed by the judge and jury thoroughly to determine if the claimant qualifies for Social Security disability benefits. The duration of the case depends on how complex the condition is.

What Award is Possible?

The claimant receives backpay that starts on the day in which they were diagnosed with the condition. The value is higher than if the claimant filed through the SSA directly. Once approved, the SSA must pay a lump sum to the claimant and monthly benefits based on the program for which they qualify.

In Pennsylvania, Social Security disability benefits are provided for claimants who cannot work due to a mental or physical condition. The claim is supported with medical records that start on the date in which the individual was diagnosed. If the claimant is turned down by the SSA, a legal claim is filed through the court. Claimants who need help through Social Security Legal Service in Wilkes-Barre PA visit domain URLnow. You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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