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What To Expect From Family Lawyers Close To Lee’s Summit, MO

In Missouri, the family court manages all cases that relate directly to families. The cases could include guardianships, divorce, child custody, and assistance with domestic violence. The laws determine how the cases proceed. Local Family Lawyers Close To Lee’s Summit MO provide assistance for petitioners

How is Domestic Violence Managed in Family Court?

A petition is filed through the family court to acquire a protection order. Domestic violence is defined as a crime against another family or household member. The crimes include but are not limited to threats or bodily harm. Once a protection order is issued, the defendant cannot contact the victim without incurring more charges. In family court, the results of the criminal case could determine if the individual receives child custody or if supervised visitation is required.

How are Guardianships Managed?

The petitioner must report the risk to the family court. When children are at risk, the family court contacts child protective services, and a caseworker is assigned to the case. The caseworker visits the home and starts an investigation. A doctor is required to conduct a physical examination, and a child psychiatrist evaluates the child’s mental state. The findings of the assessments determine if the child is at risk.

If the child is endangered, the child is removed from the home. The petitioner is awarded temporary custody of the child for one year. At the end of the assignment, the biological parent and the current guardian must attend a custody hearing. If the risk is still present, the guardianship is permanent.

Can Parents Increase Their Child Support Payments?

Yes, custodial parents can submit a request to the family court to increase their payments. The court must determine that the increase is necessary to provide for the child.

In Missouri, the family court provides assistance for families that need to address common issues. Couples file for a divorce through the court and establish a child custody arrangement. Petitioners who want to protect children at risk file a motion for a guardianship. Protection orders are also extended when victims are in danger. Families that need legal help contact Family Lawyers Close To Lee’s Summit MO through Dana Outlaw Law Office now. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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