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An Accident Lawyer Around Beaver Dam WI Represents Clients Who Were Hurt in Vehicle Collisions

The aftermath of a serious car accident is stressful and scary. One aspect that people hate dealing with is the financial issues that tend to arise while they are unable to work. An Accident Lawyer Around Beaver Dam WI helps an injured person streamline the process of obtaining the compensation he deserves as quickly as possible.

Maximum Medical Improvement

Typically, the client must wait until the doctor acknowledges maximum medical improvement before a settlement amount is decided upon. Otherwise, future medical bills associated with the accident would not be paid for by the automotive insurer responsible for payments.

Settlement Negotiations

Usually the first settlement offer from the insurer is not accepted and the lawyer makes a counter-offer. Attorneys know that insurance adjusters must try to save money for their employer, so they will begin with a relatively low offer. The insurer may try to dispute the claim or insist on the lower amount, arguing that the client was negligent. These are important reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer with an organization like QBS Law S.C. for legal representation, as the attorneys are skilled at these negotiations.

An Accident Lawyer Around Beaver Dam WI usually negotiates settlements without filing a lawsuit or going to trial, since that tends to be in the best interest of the client. Otherwise, the process may drag on for more than a year, and there’s always the risk that a jury will side with the defendant. However, there are some important exceptions.

When Going to Trial Is a Reasonable Option

If the victim suffered particularly severe consequences, such as loss of a limb or partial paralysis, going to trial may be a better option for gaining a larger sum of money. A severe head injury that had immediate and permanent life-altering consequences is another example, as is an accident that eliminated the possibility that this person could ever have children.

The insurance company is only liable for paying the maximum benefit of the policy. The injured person still has the option of suing the responsible driver, which may be a reasonable option if that person owns real estate or other substantial assets. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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