What Services Are Managed By A Real Estate Lawyer In Manchester, CT?

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Lawyers

In Connecticut, real estate transactions are complex and require an advanced understanding of the proceedings. They are the legal transfer of ownership and require proper titling to entitle the new owner to the property. They also require adherence to federal and state regulations. A Real Estate Lawyer in Manchester CT understands the requirements for the transactions and mitigate common risks.

The Sale of Real Property

The sale of real property requires an attorney to secure the interests of the seller. The attorney ensures that the sale doesn’t involve any fraudulent activities on the buyer’s part. This includes an assessment of the wire transfer to the seller. This ensures that the seller receives the full purchase price as expected.

The Purchase of Real Property

The attorney secures the rights of the buyer as well. The buyer starts the process to become a property owner. The attorney must review the mortgage contract to ensure that predatory lending practices aren’t present. The attorney also ensures that the buyer receives the most appropriate interest rate available to them based on the mortgage loan product they choose.

Title Searches and Insurance

A title search is conducted during all real estate transactions. The search goes back as far as the last thirty years. The attorney assesses all instances in which the title was transferred. This ensures that the seller had the legal right to sell the property. Title insurance is provided to the buyer in case the transaction is canceled. This ensures that they receive a full refund for their down payment or earnest money. Visit here for more details.

Ownership Transfers for Estate Owners

An estate owner acquires services from an attorney to transfer ownership to a family member. This is beneficial in lowering the value of an estate and protecting assets during the probate process.

In Connecticut, real estate transactions present complicated jargon that buyers and sellers may not understand. An attorney can explain the process to them and ensure that they understand their rights throughout the process. Sellers or buyers who need help through a Real Estate Lawyer in Manchester CT contact Kahan, Kerensky and Capossela LLP for further details or for an appointment.

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