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What a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Green Bay, WI Wants Clients to Know

Any traffic accident that occurs to an individual has the potential to cause serious injuries ore even fatalities. The number of people hurts increases almost double when the individual involved in the accident is on a motorcycle. Obviously, the motorcyclist is directly exposed in an accident. If the motorcyclist finds that someone else was at fault, he or she has the legal right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Green Bay WI helps clients who have been involved in such accidents. Here are some of the things clients should know about the laws in Wisconsin.

Clients should realize that the State of Wisconsin allows three years for a personal injury lawsuit to be filed in a civil court. If the lawsuit is not filed within that period, any opportunity to have the case heard would be gone. Also, the opportunity to be awarded damages will be gone. Clients should get some legal advice on the case as soon as possible. In addition to beating the statute of limitations deadline, the clients should also be aware of Wisconsin’s shared fault rule.

The other party can try to prove that the motorcycle rider is partly at fault for the accident. If this is successful, any amount of damages that will be awarded will be reduced by the percentage the motorcycle rider is found at fault. Getting the right attorney on the case is the critical thing for the motorcycle rider to have. If the injured motorcyclist can get an attorney who is able to counter the claims of the opposite party, he or she will be able to recover full damages if successful.

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