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Understanding Auto Accident Law In Luzerne County, PA

In Pennsylvania, auto accident laws determine how victims receive compensation for their injuries. The regulations place some limits on claims based on a no-fault system. Under the system, all auto owners purchase standard auto liability coverage and personal injury protection policies. A local attorney helps victims understand Auto Accident Law in Luzerne County PA.

What Does No-Fault State Mean?

The state of Pennsylvania is classified as a no-fault state. Under auto accident laws, the state prevents auto accident victims from seeking damages from an at-fault driver. Each victim in an accident files a claim through their personal injury protection coverage. The policy pays for all medical expenses and lost wages incurred by the victim.

What Alternative Policies are Available for Auto Owners?

The state provides two alternative options for all auto owners. The vehicle owners have the right to opt out of the no-fault provisions by purchasing full tort insurance. The coverage provides the policyholder the right to file a lawsuit to collect compensation from the driver that caused their injuries. It also gives the victim full rights to tort-based awards such as emotional distress or pain and suffering.

The next option is limited tort insurance. The coverage prevents the auto owner from receiving tort-based awards if they file a lawsuit. The victim has the option to file a legal claim only under specific conditions as outlined in the no-fault system.

When Does the No-Fault System Allow Lawsuits?

The victim of an accident who sustained serious injuries has the legal right to file a lawsuit for their injuries. The victim’s injuries must cause a loss of vital organ function, the loss of a limb, or produce a disfigurement. The victim provides medical evidence that shows that their injuries are irreversible.

In Pennsylvania, auto owners follow state regulations for auto insurance coverage. The no-fault system followed by the state imposes limitations on accident victims. The state provides access to alternative policies that give auto owners a choice for opting out of the no-fault system. Victims who need clarity about Auto Accident Law in Luzerne County PA contact The Law Office of Robert D. Elias today for more details. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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