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It would be wonderful if all parents kept the best interests and emotional care of their children front and center in their life moving forward after a divorce. However, this is not always the case.

Parents often use overt and easily identifiable behaviors that create a challenge for their children and also provide the other parent with evidence to take to court. This type of behavior may be addressed by an experienced child custody attorney, one that often helps parents avoid common mistakes which hurt their kids.

Below are several common problematic behaviors that child custody lawyers see and hear all the time. By taking the advice of a child custody attorney and eliminating these behaviors, you can help your case and also help your kids.

Social Media Rants

Social media posts, rants and negative comments about the other parent can be used in court to show a pattern of hostility and inability to work together as co-parents.

Avoid posting any comments, other than positive or neutral, about the other parent, even if your social media sites are private.

Violating a Court Order

A child custody attorney will never recommend that a court order is violated. In a situation where the children may be in danger around the other parent, the attorney will petition the court for a temporary injunction on the order until a full hearing can occur.

Withholding Access to the Kids

Sometimes, parents take it upon themselves to make it difficult for the other parent to have time with the children. This can include not making the kids available for exchanges, hiding the children from the other parent or blocking communication through phone contact, emails or text.

This type of behavior is taken very seriously by the courts. Working with an attorney to develop a workable co-parenting plan that offers the children positive time with both parents is always the best possible outcome, even after the divorce is finalized.

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