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The Importance of Getting Help from Real Estate Attorneys in Nassau County, NY

Whenever people are interested in real estate, whether it is residential or commercial, they should avail themselves of all the knowledge they can about the property transaction. Dealing with the real estate agent is normally not going to be enough. It would be wiser to get counsel from an attorney experienced in real estate contracts and other aspects of real estate law. There are Real Estate Attorneys Nassau County NY who help clients in various matters concerning real estate. This includes those who are interested in purchasing property and those who are leasing or renting property.

The laws regarding real estate are different in every state, but New York has unique laws that people need to understand. For example, if a tenant is moving out of an apartment, the landlord does not have a specific time to return the security deposit. In other states, landlords usually have about 10 to 20 days. In New York, landlords simply go by the rule of “a reasonable time.” That is hard to clarify. It may take an attorney indeed to help get the security deposit back if the time seems unreasonable to the tenant.

When it comes to purchasing real estate, the seller has a responsibility to disclose certain information with the buyer that might not occur without the legal eye of an attorney. It is not that the seller may be trying to cheat the buyer. The seller might not even be aware of all that is involved. This is one reason why parties on both sides of a real estate transaction need the advice of a real estate attorney.

The Real Estate Attorneys Nassau County NY are ready to answer any legal questions people may have about real estate. The Law Offices of Peter Morra have been providing commercial and residential real estate solutions for clients in the Nassau County, New York area for 22 years. The lawyers help clients in real estate transactions, real estate financing, laws concerning landlords and tenants, and estate law. If any clients are interested in Real Estate Attorneys Nassau County NY, they can get more information by visiting the website,

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