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When Should You Retain the Services of a Tennessee Disability Lawyer?

In late 2023, the Tennessee Disability Coalition, a non-profit organization, released its annual scorecard giving the Volunteer State a D grade in terms of the support it provides to residents who live with disabilities. One of the main concerns listed on the scorecard was eligibility for TennCare, which continues to be out of reach for many disabled individuals whose annual income precludes them from enrolling in the program.

For many people who deal with disabilities in Tennessee, caregiving costs can easily skyrocket, particularly if they suddenly become disabled because of an accident or onset of disease. At the federal level, the United States Social Security Administration provides disability insurance payments to people whose disabilities are either permanent or will not allow them to work for a year. If applicants for this kind of SSA insurance have not made sufficient contributions because they have only worked a few years, they should be approved to receive Supplemental Security Income, but many of them are turned down the first time.

The two situations described above are just two of the many that merit retaining the services of a Tennessee disability lawyer. The first step is to secure federal benefits, which are underscored by monthly payments, but other issues such as the aforementioned ineligibility for TennCare based on income are also examples of when you need an experienced law firm by your side.

You can learn more about your legal options when retaining the services of a seasoned Tennessee disability lawyer by visiting Miller Disability Law, PC today.

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