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A DUI Lawyer in Cincinnati, OH Wants Clients to be Aware of DUI Laws in Ohio

Getting into an automobile accident while under the influence of alcohol is a serious thing when an officer gives the offender a DUI or OWI ticket. Because such tickets have the potential to make the future miserable for those convicted, it is smart to go ahead and do all that is necessary to clear up the matter. It is not something that the DUI defendant would want to try to solve on his or her own. A DUI Lawyer in Cincinnati OH helps clients fight the tickets and get the best possible outcome. Here are some things that DUI defendants should know about drunk driving laws in Ohio.

Penalties for drunk driving in Ohio are very severe. The defendant faces criminal charges as well as charges from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The penalties from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles are referred to as administrative license suspensions. The driver’s license can be suspended if the defendant failed a chemical test or refused to take the chemical test. For the first offense, a minimum of six points is added to the defendant’s license, and the license can be suspended for 90 days.

The criminal charges for a first offense also need to be looked at. If the blood alcohol content level is between 0.08 percent and 0.17 percent, there could be a 72 hour confinement or a court ordered driver intervention program. The fine could be up to $1,075 and a license suspension of up to three years, with the possibility of restricted driving privileges. The penalties become more severe as the offenses progress. The defendant must have adequate representation or he or she will likely face the highest end of the penalties.

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