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The Annulment Process Under Family Law In Lee’s In Summit, MO

In Missouri, annulments initiate the removal of marriages from civil records. The process starts with a petition to erase these records and end the marriage. Once achieved, the records do not show a listing for the marriage, and it is as if the marriage never happened. A lawyer that practices under Family Law in Lee’s in Summit MO assists petitioners with these cases.

What Laws Apply to Annulments?

State laws 451.020 and 451.022 define the rules for getting an annulment in this state. Under these statutes, the grounds for an annulment include age, family relations, bigamy, mental incapacity, common-law marriage, and fraud. The petition must present evidence to substantiate these grounds as outlined in the state statutes.

Is There a Deadline for Filing for an Annulment?

No, the state of Missouri doesn’t set deadlines for filing an annulment. The lack of restrictions enables victims who were coerced into marriage due to fraud or duress to seek legal freedom. It also assists individuals who were the victim of sexual abuse and forced into a marriage.

What Type of Evidence is Used?

Petitions that are filed according to an unlawful age could use a birth certificate or testimony from a parent who didn’t provide their permission. Parties that are related can show documentation such as birth certificates to identify them as family members. This can include birth records for individuals who were born out of wedlock. Duress or coercion is proven by evidence that shows that the party was blackmailed or held against their will.

Can Families Advocate for Mentally Incapacitated Spouses?

Yes, a family can advocate for a spouse that is mentally incapacitated to acquire an annulment. However, the family must prove that the individual was psychologically incapacitated when the marriage happened. They must also prove that this individual wasn’t capable of providing consent.

In Missouri, annulments reverse the legal effects of a marriage. These actions nullify the marriage completely. The petitioner must provide evidence of the grounds selected for the petition. Married parties that need help under Family Law in Lee’s in Summit MO can Visit the Website for more info now.

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