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Starting A Dog Attack Claim With An Accident Attorney In Waldorf

In Maryland, dog attacks present a higher probability that a victim could lose a limb or their life. It is a higher probability that the attacks happen due to a negligent act of the pet owner. When this is the case, the pet owner is liable and could face serious repercussions. An Accident Attorney in Waldorf prepares a case for the victim or their family to acquire compensation for their losses.

Filing a Report for the Attack

The first step for the victim is to file a report for the attack. They can submit the report through their doctor or with the animal control officer directly. The victim must present as many details as possible to animal control officer. This includes the dog’s location and the name of their owner.

When Animal Control Steps in

Animal control officers issue notifications to the pet owner. The notification requires the pet owner to surrender the animal to a licensed vet. The vet conducts assessments to determine if the animal has rabies or shows excessive aggressive behavior patterns. This assessment lasts up to 12 days and requires the owner to cover the full cost of boarding and medical evaluations. If the pet wasn’t vaccinated, the owner must pay fines related to this failure and the cost of vaccinating the animal.

Assessing Strict Liabilities

A strict liability is present when the owner was aware of a previous history of attacks. This indicates that the dog was deemed dangerous previously, and the owner was aware of these circumstances. A strict liability makes them responsible for all medical costs associated with the attack. The owner also pays compensation for pain and suffering.

The Fate of the Animal

The animal control officer reviews the assessment completed by the licensed vet. The officer determines from the assessment if the animal is considered a risk to the public. If the animal is classified as a risk, he or she is euthanized or relocated to a new location by the animal control officer. Visit here for more details.

In Maryland, dog attacks could be based on a failure by the pet owner. However, in some cases, it is determined that the victim broke the law prior to sustaining their injuries. Victims of the attacks who were injured due to no fault of their own contact an Accident Attorney in Waldorf at Jaklitsch Law Group today.

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