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A Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce, FL Represents Clients in Situations That Are Somewhat Unclear

A Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce FL helps clients whose claims have been disputed by the employer or the insurance company that pays these kinds of benefits. This often occurs when the injury happened away from the workplace or while the person was on a break. In some instances, the laws are straightforward on which instances qualify for workers comp, but the insurer disputes the claim anyway. Other situations are less clear, and the lawyer must persuasively explain why the person qualifies according to state law.


An example of a situation that may lead to a dispute involves goofing off or roughhousing in a way that results in injury. A judge may side with the insurer if the injured person started or escalated the incident but allow benefits for someone who was inadvertently hurt.


Another complicated situation might involve someone who was a bit careless, such as jogging down a stairway. If someone injures a hand while trying to fix a machine without turning it off, the person likely will qualify for benefits. The employer and insurer may not like it because the employee seems, technically, at fault, but state laws generally favor the employee in these circumstances. Visit here for more information.

Traffic Accidents

A Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce FL cannot help someone obtain benefits because of a traffic accident on the person’s usual commute to work. However, if this individual was driving for a specific work-related task, being injured in an accident should be a qualification for compensation. That includes tasks ranging from working a sales route, bringing mail to the post office, and making deliveries of purchased items.

Injuries Occurring During a Break

What if an employee is hurt while at lunch or on a company-allowed coffee break? These are situations that often need to be handled with help from a law firm like Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille and, sometimes, decided by a judge. Florida courts have typically decided that employees should receive benefits if the injury happened at the workplace. Slipping and falling on a wet lunchroom floor is an example. Employees should also be compensated if they left the premises for lunch but were attending a work-related meeting.

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