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Starting a Dog Attack Case with an Accident Lawyer in Norfolk, VA

In Virginia, pet owners have a responsibility to their neighbors and visitors. This responsibility identifies a duty according to the law that can lower the chances of a dog attack. Under certain conditions, the dog owner is liable if a neighbor or visitor sustains injuries. An accident lawyer in Norfolk, VA represents individuals who sustains this kind of injuries.

Medical Attention and the Report

The victim must acquire medical attention for their injuries. This presents them with valid records that depict their injuries. With these records, they can present their case to the court. As soon as a doctor is aware of a dog attack, they are bound by law to notify the county animal control officer.

Steps Followed by Animal Control

The animal control officer visits the home of the dog owner in most cases. However, if they are unable to communicate with the owner, the officer sends a written notification to the owner about the attack. The owner must present a valid shot record to the animal control officer to rule out rabies. If the dog isn’t vaccinated, the owner must surrender the animal to a licensed vet for a period of twelve days. This quarantine period is required to determine if the animal has rabies or any aggressive behaviour patterns.

The Responsibilities of the Dog Owner

The dog owner is liable if their dog attacked a human initially. According to law, they must follow leash laws or place the dog in an enclosure to prevent access to humans while the animal is outside. However, if the victim entered their property illegally, they cannot file a claim against the dog owner.

What Is Awarded in These Cases?

Typically, the pet owner is required to pay for all medical costs associated with the attack. They must pay a strict liability if the dog was involved in previous attacks. This includes awards for pain and suffering.

In Virginia, pet owners must lower the chances of a dog attack by following local laws. If they possess a dangerous animal breed, they must follow additional precautions. Victims of a dog attack can contact an accident lawyer in Norfolk, VA by visiting website for more information.

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