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Should You Be Concerned about the Lemon Law? Find Out If You Qualify in Florida

Most people in Florida are unaware of how many lemons there are in the US. You probably think that if you buy something new, it should work properly for the first year (and often more) before requiring anything more than routine maintenance. However, the Lemon Law was created because manufacturers can make mistakes when they build cars and trucks, and they’re going to claim that it wasn’t their fault.

Is Yours a Lemon?

Before you hire an attorney or go through the process of trying to get restitution, you need to determine if the Lemon Law applies. People in Florida should understand that these laws only cover your vehicle for the first two years. There are two reasons, including time out of service and recurring problems.

Recurring Problems

A recurring problem only includes something that causes safety concerns. You must give the manufacturer (not the dealer) three attempts to fix the problem. However, the manufacturer may request that you take it to a local dealer and you should get that information in writing.

If they cannot fix the issue after the third attempt, they are required to buy back your defective vehicle and give you the purchase-price refund or a replacement similar to the defective one.

Defects caused by neglect, accidents, modifications, and abuse are not covered under these laws.

Time out for Service

Your car may also qualify if it has been in an authorized repair shop for the same or multiple problems for 15 cumulative days or more. You must get a written notice from the dealership to send to the manufacturer.

If the Florida Lemon Law applies to you and you’re wondering what to do, you aren’t alone. Visit us.

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