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Questions About A Dog Attack That Can Be Answered By An Accident Lawyer In Beaver Dam, WI

In Wisconsin, dog owners must reduce the probability of an attack by securing their dogs properly. They must follow specific laws to lower these risks. These risks include severe injuries and possible fatalities. The following are questions about a dog attack that can be answered by an Accident Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI.

What are the Responsibilities of the Pet Owner?

The pet owner is required to get their dogs vaccinated and assessed each year. They are also required to follow leash laws and ensure that their dogs don’t run loose in their neighborhood. They must also maintain control over their dogs when visitors or service providers are invited into their home. If they fail to comply with these conditions, they are liable for any injuries that occur.

What are the Steps Followed After the Attack?

The medical doctor that provides treatment for the victim’s injuries must contact animal control. The pet owner must present documented proof of the animal’s vaccinations. They must also provide information about any reports of previous attacks involving their animal. If the pet owner wasn’t at fault for these prior attacks, they must provide evidence to support their claim.

Why are Quarantines Necessary?

If the pet owner cannot provide evidence of vaccinations, the animal control officer will issue a notice requiring an immediate quarantine. This action is required to determine if the animal has rabies or exhibits any aggressive behaviors.

What is Involved in a Strict Liability Case?

If the animal was involved in previous attacks and the owner was declared at fault, the owner is held to a strict liability. This liability requires the pet owner to pay the full cost of the victim’s medical expenses and provide a monetary award for pain and suffering. If the dog is declared a risk to the public, the court may choose to euthanize the animal.

In Wisconsin, dog owners must follow strict laws to prevent possible attacks. They must follow laws related to vaccinations and assessments for the animal as well. Victims who were attacked by a dog can Click here to contact an Accident Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI for legal assistance today.

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