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Learn What a Drug Defense Lawyer in Athens, TN Will Look At for Your Case

Drug charges can lead to incredibly serious penalties depending on the type and amount of drugs found. Those who are arrested and charged with possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia can speak with a Drug Defense Lawyer in Athens TN about their case. The lawyer will carefully review the entire case to determine if there’s a way to have the charges dismissed or reduced.

Look at the Validity of the Charges

Sometimes, the prosecution will be overzealous and try for greater penalties than the case actually warrants. In these cases, the lawyer may be able to argue that the charges should be reduced to charges that fit the situation better. An example of this might be when someone is arrested for intent to sell, but there isn’t enough evidence to show the arrested person actually intended to sell the drugs. This could lead to the charges being lowered to possession.

Determine if Evidence Was Legally Obtained

All evidence used in court must be obtained lawfully. The lawyer will look into how the evidence was discovered, whether it was collected properly, and how it was handled after it was collected. If there are any issues with how the evidence was found or handled, it could mean the evidence will not be admissible in court. If the evidence is not admissible, it’s possible there is not sufficient evidence for a guilty verdict, which could mean the charges are dismissed.

Check For Anything Else that Can Help

Even the smallest discrepancy in a case can lead to the case being dismissed, charges being lowered, or penalties being reduced. The lawyer will review every detail of the case to determine what can be done to minimize the potential for their client to be convicted and to help their client receive a reduced sentence if they are convicted.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with drug possession, it’s important you speak with a Drug Defense Lawyer in Athens TN right away. The lawyer can review the case to determine what can be done to help you get a better outcome. Browse the website for Chancey-Kanavos now to learn more about how a lawyer can help or speak with a lawyer about your case.

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